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Greyhound Dog Beds




Not only are greyhounds notorious couch potatoes they are also bed hogs. They seem to have a natural inbred disposition for comfort and like to stretch out when they sleep. So if you do not want to share your bed with your Greyhound create a comfortable spot (dog bed) for him/her that is their own.

A large thick foam bed or old Papa San cushion on the floor works well. Make sure the bed is large enough for your dog to lie out full length. Padding the bed with an added blanket or quilt will give them added comfort and help them keep warm if this is needed.

It is preferable to have your Greyhound sleeping in the same room you are in or near enough that they can hear your breathing at night. This helps give them a feeling of security because they then feel as though they are a vital member of the pack (your family has now become a pack by the way). This is particularly important for new puppies or new additions to the family. If you do need to have them sleep away from where you sleep put a shirt or article of clothing that you’ve worn in their dog bed, it carries your smell and will give them a measure of comfort.
Dog beds can be purchased at most pet supply stores and over the Internet. Another good place to go is a foam shop- they can cut foam beds for you to your specifications and some will sew covers all at a reasonable rate.