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Greyhounds like all dog breeds have specific requirements. Find the right dog accessories, dog supplies and information for your special dog the Greyhound.

There are many great dog breeds in the world but Greyhounds are special for many reasons. As all breeds have wonderful and unique qualities Greyhound dogs are unique in a variety of ways. Not only do Greyhounds have a long and fascinating history tracing back to the Egyptian era, they also have a unique physiology and temperament. Therefore when it comes to purchasing dog accessories or dog supplies, not any dog product will do. 

For this reason, many pet supply stores that usually cater to most dog breeds, often don’t carry dog accessories or dog supplies specific to Greyhounds. The purpose of this web site is to direct the viewer to online sites and information that will help them optimize the care they give their beloved Greyhound dog. Also featured on this site good advise and helpful tips that are specific to your Greyhounds health, happiness and general well being. 

Some of the advise offered on this site for Greyhounds will translate to the care of most other dog breeds as well, but our mission is to assist the Greyhound dog owner specifically to find the dog care information that is particular to this exquisite breed. Topics like health care, training, socialization, and Greyhound adoption will be covered in this web site. As well as information on dog accessories specific to this breed, like coats, collars and toys. Helpful tips on the best dog supplies to purchase like dog food, health products and grooming products will also be offerred in order to help the owner maximize the care they give their Greyhound.

"Because animals seem to dwell in the present moment, because their own presence is so instinctive, their attention so unwavering, they offer us a different kind of compassion than humans do. Anyone is lucky to have both human and animal comfort in their lives."
~ Brenda Peterson

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